Peter Drucker Forum: Capitalism 2.0: new horizons for managers
by Vlatka Hlupic

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Last week I attended the Fourth Global Peter Drucker Forum, an international management conference dedicated to promote the legacy of Peter Drucker, a management professor, consultant and the world’s best known writer on management. The theme for this Forum was “Capitalism 2.0: new horizons for managers”. More than 300 participants from more than 30 countries around the world, led by some of the leading management thinkers such as Lynda Gratton, Roger Martin and Tammy Erickson, debated the future of management and capitalism. Overall consensus was that the future of re-invented management is here, the paradigm shift is unstoppable and management revolution is gradually gaining a momentum.


There is a hope that we can get out of the current economic crisis by embracing emerging management practices based on collaboration, autonomy and decentralization (which were all promoted by Peter Drucker), and by changing a mindset from the one that focuses on personal gratification to another that seeks to find a deeper meaning of work that is greater than any individual aspirations, and that is focused on making a positive difference for individuals, organisations and society.


In my own endeavour to make this world a better place, I have founded the Drucker Society London, one of the twenty Drucker Societies operating around the world. The aim of the Drucker Society London is to promote responsible management practices based on Peter Drucker’s ideas. One of our core activities is to teach young people self-management and entrepreneurial skills based on the Drucker’s Future Leaders Programme. I am delighted that we plan to teach workshops based on this Programme to WBS undergraduate students as a part of Employability module sometime next year.


If anyone would like to join the Drucker Society London and help us to make a difference for the future generations please contact me on
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