How Purpose Drives Performance  
by Jean-Philippe Courtois

“The two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and the day you understand why” – Mark Twain

Purpose matters to all of us: it’s a key factor in our physical and mental wellbeing. As humans, finding our ‘why’ is important. When we understand our purpose and live it, we make a positive difference to ourselves and to those around us, and we change the world for the better. It’s exactly the same for organizations.[…]

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Making Management Great Again by Janka Krings-Klebe and Jörg Schreiner

Following the business news in the weeks after this year’s Drucker Forum, it became clear that management, as taught at business schools, is headed for irrelevance. Today it no longer solves problems. It creates them. So-called “best practices” of management have caused a multitude of problems that only became apparent after a delay of decades, but are now making themselves felt with force[…]

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