A business reformation: lighting the flame
by Charles Handy

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Five hundred years ago an unknown friar in an unknown German town laid a complaint against his employer. The friar was Martin Luther, the town Wittenberg. His employer was the Catholic Church, and the burden of his complaints – 95 of them – was twofold. First, to be permitted to buy your way to heaven – as the church offered through the sale of indulgences – was wrong: a scam on the poor to make the rich richer, which sounds familiar today. The second was that the route to heaven was not through what you did, which after all was laid down by the organization, but through what you were. He called this “justification by […]

Humanity at a Crossroads
by Charles Handy

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We cannot let technology, however advanced, replace humanity with all its sensitivities, it’s appreciations of love, beauty and nature, it’s need for affection, sympathy and purpose, it’s hopes and fears, intuitions, imagination and leaps of faith.  Technology, even AI, in all its possibilities, can never replicate these. We must not let the demands of economic man/woman dominate our fuller humanity.  AI must be our servant rather than our master, economics the basis of a good life for all but not its purpose. In the past century the organisation, the company (literally a gathering of companions) at its best, recognised this.  It offered security and personal development in return for commitment.  My own company, Shell, was […]

The Seductions of the Infosphere
by Charles Handy

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Luciano Floridi calls it the infosphere, the combination of the internet and computer technology that is revolutionizing our lives and work.  Floridi carries the intriguing title of Professor of the Philosophy and Ethics of information at the University of Oxford; intriguing because it suggests that the revolution is as much about issues of morality, identity and meaning as it is about technology and what the new infosphere can do, both for us and to us.   The infosphere is an exciting prospect, one that offers a myriad of new prospects for wealth and work creation, most of them as yet undiscovered.  The alluring idea of better lives for all is not inconceivable.  But there are […]