Why Management 2.0 Is Inevitable
by Steve Denning

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In my post, “The Revolutionary Tenets of Management 2.0”, I described five fundamental shifts that firms must master to navigate the transition to the new management ecosystem of Management 2.0.   In my TEDx talk in Oslo last month, I explained in more detail why the transition to Management 2.0 is not merely desirable: it is inevitable.   In the talk, I examine the epic shift in power in the marketplace from the seller to the buyer, that flows from Peter Drucker’s foundational insight in 1973: “There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.”   The shift in power has had devastating consequences for hierarchical bureaucracies, which have been insufficiently […]

The Revolutionary Tenets of Management 2.0
Steve Denning

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Revolutionary changes in the basic tenets of management are under way. Roger Martin has described the overall transition from shareholder value (making money) to customer capitalism (delighting the customer). For firms to navigate the transition to the new ecosystem of “Management 2.0”, they must master five fundamental shifts:   1. The management mindset 2. The role of managers 3. The way work is coordinated 4. The values practiced and 5. The way people communicate.   Five fundamental shifts in management practice   Shift #1: Management mindset: From inside-out to outside in To accomplish the transition to customer capitalism, reflecting the shift in the balance of power in the marketplace from seller to buyer, firms must […]