It’s not Cambridge Analytica, it’s Humans traded on Personal Data Markets
by Sarah Spiekermann

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Discussions about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s alleged involvement in election manipulation are all around us. But the two companies are not the core of the problem. Ever since the World Economic Forum started to discuss personal data as a new asset class in 2011, personal data markets have thrived on the idea that this might be the “new oil”of the digital economy as well as – it seems – politics. Indeed upwards of a thousand companies are now involved in a digital information value chain that harvests data from any activity we do online. It is not just Facebook and Google, Apple or Amazon that harvest our data for any purpose one might think of. […]

Combating Transhumanism
by Sarah Spiekermann

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Inclusive prosperity builds on a positive and benevolent idea of man. But do we really uphold such a good-natured way of thinking about mankind if transhumanism paves its way into the elites? In June the Swiss Daily “Neue Züricher Zeitung” (NZZ) published the Anti-Transhumanist Manifesto that I completed together with a number of colleagues holding professorships in such diverse academic disciplines as psychology, business informatics, philosophy, architecture and theology. My stance has been supported from around the world for bringing the topic to the fore: that a select group of positivistic scientists are promoting an idea of man that is not only false, but also incredibly dangerous in times of accelerating technological advance.   What […]