Human Essence as a Key to Prosperity. Part II of II.
Ellina Watanabe

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Following the discussion of what constitutes human essence-based management in Part 1, this piece will explore the link between new management and prosperity. To start off with another Peter Drucker’s lesson, social relevance comes first and the goal of every organization lies outside itself. If we hold Drucker’s words as ground zero, how relevant are current business practices to the society? Does acting on reason actually make for a good reason?   With business and society merging, it is important for managers to go beyond numbers into rich, deep, and substantive understanding of society and its needs. “Aside from basic survival, the pursuit of happiness is arguably one of the most fundamental concerns of every […]

Human Essence as a Key to Prosperity. Part I of II.
by Ellina Watanabe

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It has been 60 years since Peter Drucker pointed out to the management world an importance of inner human world and its impact on prosperous organization functioning. Today, managers are finally embracing his words and are starting to “lead not only through knowledge, competence and skill but through vision, courage, responsibility, and integrity.” However, in order to fully reap the benefits of this ethos, it is important to approach it holistically, as Peter Drucker would and did.   Human essence, as I shall refer to the question of what makes us who we are, is often and conveniently diminished to human character, aptitudes, and virtues. Largely speaking, to intellect, knowledge, and reason. If managers adopt […]