Everything you want to know about the Forum

Global Peter Drucker Forum
2018, November 29 + 30 and pre-conference November 28, Vienna

Welcome to this service webpage, on which we will provide information and updates about the Forum 2018.



The Forum in 55 Seconds

2 Days, lots of inspiring moments and images in one short synopsis video:



Photo Gallery & Competition

You may access all photos for the pre-conference. the speakers reception, the first day including the Gala Dinner and the second day here.

If high resolution photos are needed for professional purposes please send a request to the conference office under this email.

The winner of the photo competition is: Marika Adamopoulos! Congratulations!
Here is the winning photo.
We are delighted to award the winner a copy of the new book by Hal Gregersen and Ed Catmull: Questions are the Answer.



Video Library & Competition

We are happy to provide you immediate access to the video library of the Forum under this link.

The winner of the video competition is: Amoaben Agyeman-Nkansah! Congratulations!
Here are the winning moments: Vineet Nayar, "Humans don't want to be ants anymore. They want to be butterflies".
We are delighted to award the winner a copy of the new book by Hal Gregersen and Ed Catmull: Questions are the Answer.



All presentations are available for download (for personal use only). On the program page the names underscored have a presentation.


Selected ARTICLES and PODCASTS published on the Forum 2018

Please review and comment - it is a good way to engage. The authors will react to interesting comments

FT Work & Career Podcasts by Andrew Hill

A shared vocabulary is essential for innovation
by Andrew Hill, in: The Financial Times

How The Drucker Forum's Management Transformation Message Resonated
by Steve Denning, in: Forbes

Browse a selection of more articles here


ARTICLES on LinkedIn Pulse about the Forum

Linkedin articles: A series of articles appeared on LinkedIn after the Forum. Find a selection here 

For Example:
What Do Thought Leaders Think?
by Dave Ulrich


Quotes from the Forum

We started a collection of quotes – supported by your nominations. Find the first of the series here 

Youtube Link

Will be updated on a regular base. More info to follow.

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