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Issue 8/12
Newsletter of the Global Peter Drucker Forum
upcoming events

Transformational Leadership - September 4 in Vienna

Drucker Dialogue with WdF- featuring Prof. Linda Pelzmann (keynote), Prof. Peter Gruber, Felix Thun-Hohenstein (Managing Director 3M Austria and Switzerland) and Hubert Czernin, CEO Czernin Group Europe/Middle East. Facilitation by Barbara Krommer, ORF.

Nottingham Trent Business School hosts the 20th International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing

September 24-27 Keynotes by Venkat Ramaswamy and Richard Straub Link

Round table with Charles Handy

at Drucker Society Mannheim October 4 - "A New Social Compact for Business"

Prof. Dan Shechtman, Nobel Prize Laureate on the importance of Technology Entrepreneurship

The Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureate 2011 will show his "second face" i.e. the one of a teacher of future entrepreneurs. In his opening keynote he will demonstrate how technology entrepreneurship is a key to the well-being of the world. Please follow the link to explore the full program.  

The Early Bird registration is extended to September 17

You have still time to register under Early Bird conditions (15% reduction vs. the standard rate).  

Prominent Guest Bloggers are publishing on the Drucker Forum Blog

Stephen Rhinesmith, renowned leadership expert published a guest blog post with the title "Capitalism 2.0 Leadership and Paradox Management" - don't miss it and stay tuned: next guest bloggers will be Umair Haque and Roger L. Martin.  

Adrian Wooldridge, Management Editor of The Economist,

published a fascinating article "The deficits of Europe" in his capacity as keynote speaker at the 2012 Forum in the German Harvard Business Manager, July. Be fast in checking it out - it is open to non-subscribers for the coming 2 weeks only.
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The Drucker Forum will end on November 16 with Vision Talks

Roger Martin, opening keynote speaker will also deliver a TED style vision talk titled "Why the Longing for Meaning will Save Capitalism". More Vision talk titles to follow (Umair Haque, Tammy Erickson, Rick Wartzman).  

The Financial Times - Media Partner of the 2012 Global Peter Drucker Forum

The FT are now global media partner to the 4th Peter Drucker Forum. With renowned publications as partners nationally (Kurier, Format, Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften) and internationally (Harvard Business Manager and FT) the growing recognition of the Drucker Forum as a leading global platform is being confirmed.  


Medianet - Austria: Polman speaking at Drucker Forum read more
Press release Paul Polman - http://www.druckerforum.org/
Unilever CEO Joins an Outstanding Roster of Speakers at the 2012 Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna - yahoo news  
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