What we do

Peter Drucker Society of Austria is a central hub for information and orientation about knowledge initiatives relating to Peter F. Drucker's core themes (via conferences, workshops, launch meetings. educational programs and publications). It provides a forum and a platform for stakeholders committed to contribute to shaping the future of Management based on Peter F. Drucker’s philosophy. A coherent set of focus areas will be developed and crystallized in annual conferences.


Peter Drucker Society of Austria  is driven by 3 basic functions which underpin all of its activities, programs and future strategies, providing opportunities for engagement at different levels

1. International Platform to:

  • preserve and advance the teachings of Peter F. Drucker with emphasis to his European and in particular Viennese roots;
  • promote a societal dialogue on role, responsibility and legitimacy of management;
  • enable to foster Management renewal, driven by practitioners (“User driven innovation”) with the  support of Academia and Research;

2. Meeting Place to:

  • connect member delegates and a wider audience of practitioners with a passion for a shared point of interest in management, be it the future of Management, the societal role of managers, entrepreneurship or innovation.
  • inspire the next generation of leaders and new audiences to discover Peter Drucker’s thinking in ways that underscore the continuing relevance of his work.

3. Link/Community to:

  • enable connections in a global network of experts, practitioners, knowledge resources