Besides integration and breaking up of platforms, there’s the option of them collaborating. This would help avoid possible downsides.

Vinton G. Cerf

VP, Google Chief

Internet Evangelist


Headwinds in business:
fragmentation will slow us down.
Tailwinds in business:
connectedness of people and ideas.

Young K. Sohn

Corporate President & CSO

Samsung Electronics


Embrace the paradoxical nature of leadership. It’s as much about setting the direction and connecting people with purpose as it is about listening.

Amy Edmondson

Professor of Leadership & Management

Harvard Business School


Babies are also not born right after production. We need patience. That means the leaders need to shut up and listen to others first.

Ed Catmull


Pixar Animation Studios


It’s too easy to say we can’t change the world, because we can.

Alexander Osterwalder

Business Model Innovator

Co-Founder Strategyzer


In a world of temporary advantage innovation, technology, strategy and ecosystems are coming together.

Rita McGrath


Columbia Business School


I’d like to keep some of my problems. A world of solutions is too convenient and may inhibit growth.

Miriam Meckel

Founding Publisher ada

HandelsblattMedia Group


Responsibility and impact work together.

Whitney Johnson

CEO, WLJ Advisors


Maximizing shareholder value is a zero-sum game. We don’t want to create a walled garden, we want a rainforest.

Zhang Ruimin

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Haier Group


Find a challenge so big that it demands more than you can deal with and find others to jump in and help you do something about it.

Hal Gregersen

Executive Director

MIT Leadership Center


If we are not building people-centred systems, none of this matters.

Amy Webb

Founder, Future Today Institute


Ecosystems can be an open-ended metaphor for collaboration, or, precisely a new governance form.

Michael G. Jacobides

Professor, London Business School


Culture is a byproduct of leadership.

Lisa Hershman

PTDO Chief Management Officer

US Department of Defense


The real challenge with ecosystems is implementation, not design.

Karolin Frankenberger

Academic Director Executive MBA HSG

University of St. Gallen


Any change in the workplace that doesn’t change structures of domination, cannot be called progress.

Gianpiero Petriglieri

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour



No longer is the value of a firm in its assets but in its network of relationships.

Julian Birkinshaw

Deputy Dean & Professor

London Business School


For changing culture and mindsets, you need to speak up, challenge and be challenged. When is the last time you felt truly challenged?

Megan Reitz

Professor of Leadership and Dialogue

Hult International Business School


Domination is not the answer.
Balance is.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

CEO of 20-first


With one foot we are in legacy and with the other in digital. Management needs to consider both worlds.

Ralf Wintergerst

Group CEO



Ecosystems are not a phenomenon of digital companies. People are central to helping with the challenges of ecosystems

Valerie Hackl

Managing Director

Austro Control GmbH