Speakers List Overview

Conference Chair

Adi Ignatius, US
Editor-in-chief, Harvard Business Review Group

Keynote Speakers & Panellists

Didier Bonnet, FR
Senior VP and Global Practice Leader at Capgemini Consulting

Clayton Christensen, US
Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Steve Denning, US
Member of the Board of Directors Scrum Alliance,
Forbes contributor

Yves Doz, FR
Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation at INSEAD, and author

Tammy Erickson, US
Executive Fellow at London Business School;
Founder and CEO of Tammy Erickson Associates

Bill Fischer, US
Professor of Innovation Management at IMD

Pankaj Ghemawat, US
Professor of Global Strategy at IESE Business School and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global Management, Stern School of Business, New York University

Rick Goings, US
CEO of Tupperware Brands

Rita Gunther McGrath, US
Associate Professor of Management at Columbia Business School

John Hagel III, US
Director Deloitte Consulting LLP,
Co-Chairman Deloitte Center for the Edge

Gary Hamel, UK
Management expert, Consultant,
MIX Co-founder and Professor at London Business School

Rainer Hundsdörfer, DE
CEO of ebm-papst group

Herminia Ibarra, US
Professor of Leadership and Learning and
Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD

Andrew Keen, US
Anglo-American entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster and public speaker;
author of the upcoming book The Internet is not the Answer

Angelica Kohlmann Kupper, DE/CH
CEO ifitech; Chair of the Board, Peter Drucker Society Europe

Andreas J. Ludwig, AT
CEO Umdasch Group,
Executive Officer Doka Group Engineering & Production

Fredmund Malik, CH
Founder, Owner and Chairman,
Malik Management Institute St. Gallen

Roger L. Martin, CA
Academic Director,Martin Prosperity Institute,
Rotman School of Management

Nilofer Merchant, US
Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Author of "The Jane Bond of Innovation"

Marc Merrill, US
President & Co-founder of Riot Games

Vineet Nayar, IN
Former CEO, HCL Technologies & Founder, Sampark Foundation

Deepa Prahalad, US
Head of the Judging Panel, Drucker Challenge Essay Contest

Georg Polzer, CH
Co-Founder and CEO, Teralytics

Dan Pontefract, CA
Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office

Bror Salmelin, BE
Adviser for Innovation Systems, Directorate General for Communication, Networks, Content and Technology (DG: Connect), European Commission

Dov Seidman, US
Founder and CEO of LRN

Haydn Shaughnessy, IR
Research fellow at the Center For Digital Transformation at UC Irvine,
Forbes contributor

Nancy A. Tennant, US
VP for Innovation Whirlpool Corporation

Rick Wartzman, US
Executive Director, the Drucker Institute

Martin Wolf, US
Chief Economics Commentator, the Financial Times

Adrian Wooldridge, UK
Management Editor, The Economist,
and author

Norbert Zimmermann, AT
Chairman of the Supervisory Board , Berndorf AG

Chairs and Moderators

Laurent Choain, FR
Chief People & Communication Officer,
member of the Group Executive Committee of Mazars

Peter Day, UK
Global business correspondent, BBC

Steve Denning, US
Member of the Board of Directors Scrum Alliance,
Forbes contributor

Pierre Hessler, FR
Chairman’s delegate, Capgemini

Andrew Hill, UK
Associate Editor and Management Editor,
Financial Times

David K. Hurst, CA
Educator and Writer on Management

Julia Kirby, US
Editor at large for HBR and author

Deepa Prahalad, US
CEO Anuvaa LLC and author

Johan Roos, SE
Professor in Strategy,
Managing Director and Dean, Jönköping University

Christian Stöcker, DE
Editor, Spiegel Online

Bernd Venohr, DE
Consultant, entrepreneur, and expert on German Mittelstand

Welcome Address

Lawrence Crosby, US
Dean, Drucker School of Management,
Claremont Graduate University

Cecily Drucker, US
Consultant, Board Member, the Drucker Institute

Doris Drucker, US    1.10.2014
Honorary President, Peter Drucker Society Europe;
Board member, the Drucker Institute
Photo by: Katsuo Sugano

Adi Ignatius, US
Editor-in-chief, Harvard Business Review Group

Richard Straub, AT
President, Peter Drucker Society Europe

Photo by: Elizabeth Handy