Discovering and Leveraging Your Leadership Strengths

In Managing Oneself, Drucker famously said that “only when you operate from strengths can you achieve true excellence.” Gallup research has demonstrated that when people use their strengths, they are more productive, perform better and are more engaged. The challenge is that people often take their most powerful talents for granted, and many are not fully aware of them.

In this session, we will help individuals understand how to discover, develop, and apply their strengths for greater leadership effectiveness. We’ll also look at how building a strengths-based culture can elevate performance for the whole organization.

Bruce Young will be the workshop leader for this session.


The Midlife Rethink

A program designed to help individuals and teams #BuildBackBetter after the turbulence and disconnections of the pandemic. Major moments and crises invite a rethink.

Here is the time and the toolbox to navigate your next transition in a transformative online session where we, together, we will:

HARVEST THE PAST, Where I’ve been.
A review of life to date, where you’ve come from, what you’ve experienced, and what you’ve learnt.

ASSESS THE PRESENT, Where I’m standing.
Where am I in the arc of life – and with who am I travelling? What roles/ relationships/ beliefs do I want to keep, and what do I need to leave behind?

MAP THE FUTURE Who I’m becoming.
The dream, the role models and the choices I need to make to move towards the future I want.

The program is inspired by Peter Drucker’s ideas as outlined in the HBR Classic MANAGING ONESELF – The Second Half of Your Life.

The more extended version we will post in a second step according the format that the team is in the process of developing.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox will be the workshop leader for this session.


Co-Creation Unveiled

We invite you to get a sneak preview into an exciting new format of the 2021 Global Peter Drucker Forum, where forum participants will be working together to co-create a joint “product” utilizing the power of the crowd’s expertise & creativity.

If you are keen to actively engaged in a joint endeavor; if you are interested in jointly formulating key questions and possible answers for some of the most pressing issues in the realm of modern management practice: join us this June to shape this unique premiere and be part of deciding which topics will be covered during the unique cocreation experience this upcoming November.

Methods used: classic presentation, short break-outs, voting/polling