Practising Management as a Liberal Art

Presented by Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong
Support Organization: The Hong Kong Management Association

Social responsibility and social concerns were fundamental to Drucker, and they are becoming more imperative to today’s leadership. Practising Management as a Liberal Art (MLA) aims to create and maintain a functioning society of organizations in which people find meaningful existence and purpose while also contributing to the common good. This two-hour workshop mainly focuses on Drucker’s MLA philosophy, approaches and implications to future leadership.

Julia Wang President, Peter F. Drucker Academy (Hong Kong);
CEO, MLA Foundation

Ruthia Wong Award winner, Asia Leadership Award
Royce Yuen Professor of Practice; CE0, MaLogic Holdings Ltd.

Simon Ho President, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Francis Ngai Founder & CEO, Social Ventures Hong Kong
Ricky Szeto Gen. Manager & Exec. Director, Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd.
Sunny Wong Adjunct Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, Former Chairman and CEO, Carlsberg Greater China
Xun Chen Drucker scholar, leadership coach, the Chinese translator of Drucker’s book “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, and Practices” (2019).

Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong


Experimenting with Rendanheyi: The Pursuit of Zero Distance and Zero Approvals

Presented by Haier Group

The emergence of ecosystems to enhance company capabilities in response to a world of hyper-connectivity and expanded customer expectations has been well established in prior Drucker Forum events. What has not been addressed, however, is how best to organize for such ecosystems. This session, containing both practitioners and students of organizational design, in workshop format, will explore the idea of the Entrepreneurial and Ecosystem Enabling Organization(EEEO); organizations that are ready to engage with complexity, generate pervasive innovation and become a transformational force for entire industries.

Workshop Leader
Bill Fischer Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Speaker List
Simone Cicero Director of the RDHY Open Source Research Center and CEO at Boundaryless
Emanuele Quintarelli EEEO Micro-Enterprise Lead at Boundaryless
Jochen Goeser Global Project Lead Agile Transformation at Robert Bosch Power Tools
Rachel Murch Thought leader in organizational change; former


Discovering and Leveraging Your Leadership Strengths

Presented by Gallup

In Managing Oneself, Drucker famously said that “only when you operate from strengths can you achieve true excellence.” Gallup research has demonstrated that when people use their strengths, they are more productive, perform better and are more engaged. The challenge is that people often take their most powerful talents for granted, and many are not fully aware of them.

In this session, we will help individuals understand how to discover, develop, and apply their strengths for greater leadership effectiveness. We’ll also look at how building a strengths-based culture can elevate performance for the whole organization.

Workshop Leader
Bruce Young Senior Workplace Consultant, Gallup


The MidLife ReThink: Unlocking Potential - Your Employees or Your Own

Presented by 20-first

A program designed to help individuals and teams #BuildBackBetter after the turbulence and disconnections of the pandemic. Major moments and crises invite a rethink.

Here is the time and the toolbox to navigate your next transition in a transformative online session where we, together, we will:

HARVEST THE PAST, Where I’ve been.
A review of life to date, where you’ve come from, what you’ve experienced, and what you’ve learnt.

ASSESS THE PRESENT, Where I’m standing.
Where am I in the arc of life – and with who am I travelling? What roles/ relationships/ beliefs do I want to keep, and what do I need to leave behind?

MAP THE FUTURE Who I’m becoming.
The dream, the role models and the choices I need to make to move towards the future I want.

The program is inspired by Peter Drucker’s ideas as outlined in the HBR Classic MANAGING ONESELF – The Second Half of Your Life.

The more extended version we will post in a second step according the format that the team is in the process of developing.

Workshop Leader
Avivah Wittenberg-Cox CEO, 20-first


Taming Bias: Using Wicked Problem Solving to Make Better Decisions and Align Teams

Presented by Project Management Institute

Cognitive bias profoundly shapes the ways we perceive, think, and make decisions
They are mental shortcuts which have evolved through countless generations and provide dramatic benefits and substantial drawbacks. Bias is active in all parts of life – personal, professional, and social. And they are particularly insidious in Wicked Problems.

Taming bias is a vital skill in today's knowledge work
But it's hard and requires a process, self-awareness, and a willingness to examine how we work as teams and individuals.

In this session, Tom Wujec will:

► Demonstrate how a vast range of biases affect life and work

► Illustrate the mechanisms of key biases and their impact on perception and decision-making

► Present a simple three-step approach to identify, untangle, and tame bias

► Equip participants with downloadable tools to deal with bias in practical ways

► Have fun showing the insidiousness of bias and ways to elevate collective thinking.

Workshop Leader
Tom Wujec Technology Pioneer, Creator of Wicked Problem Solving and Founding Singularity University Professor


Co-Creation Unveiled

Presented by Haufe Advisory

Looking forward to this year’s Global Peter Drucker Forum in November? A completely new and exciting format of co-creation awaits you there – and we invite you to get a sneak preview already this June.

Join us to…

► find out how we will be working together to co-create a joint “product” utilizing the power of the crowd’s expertise & creativity

► jointly formulate key questions and possible answers for some of the most pressing issues in the realm of modern management practice

► be part of a unique premiere that will foster deep exchange and connection between forum participants

There are so many important topics that deserve our attention – let’s use the collective brain power of the Peter Drucker community to create lasting thought leadership and real impact.

Workshop Leader
Joy Medos Executive Coach, Double Leap


State of the Global Workplace – Trends and Insights

Presented by Gallup

After a tumultuous year filled with unforeseen challenges, the session will provide an overview of the global workplace trends, global engagement metrics and advice on how organizations can improve the workplace from the State of Global Workplace report. We all did not experience the pandemic in the same way. As workplaces around the world find their footing after the crisis, it’s critical that leaders pay attention to regional workplace trends to better support employee engagement and wellbeing and mitigate burnout. If not, they risk opening their organizations up to a host of negative business outcomes, from lost productivity to high turnover to lower sales.

In this session, Vipula will share:

► Global highlights of the workplace findings through the COVID-19 pandemic

► Learning for leaders from these findings

► How leaders can better support their employees’ engagement and wellbeing

Workshop Leader
Vipula Gandhi Managing Partner, Gallup