Speakers List 2012

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Platzhalter Speakers
Pierre Hessler

Capgemini Chairman's delegate


Pierre Hessler is a Capgemini Fellow and Chairman’s delegate. He focuses on business transformation, business technology and corporate management.

He is also a board member of Bureau Veritas SA and head of Actideas.

Pierre Hessler joined in 1993 Cap Gemini, where he served in several executive positions, notably as a member of the Directoire and as chairman and CEO of Gemini Consulting. He served on the board of directors between 2000 and 2012.

Pierre Hessler started his career in 1965 in IBM Switzerland, holding executive positions in Europe and in the United States, notably as corporate vice-president for marketing, and general manager for marketing, services and operations of IBM Europe.

Swiss and French citizen, aged 68, married with 2 children, graduate of the University  of Lausanne with degrees in law and economics, author of  “Media and Corporate Scandals”.


Looking for signposts for the future

Alternatives to capitalism as we know it – public ownership, stock market price, board of directors and executive management, published results - exist. Myriads of enterprises – cooperatives, partnerships, family-owned and employee-owned companies – strive with different ownership and governance models.

During our session, we will attempt to understand if these enterprises strive because of their different model, or in spite of it, and what we can learn from them.

The models will be represented by top executives of top companies in various industries – cooperatives by Dr Kraft-Kinz from bank Raiffeisen, partnerships by Mr de Cambourg from audit and consulting firm Mazars, family-owned companies by Mr Kalverkamp from manufacturer Grimme, and employee-owned companies by Ms Mazzarella from electric products and services company GraybaR. 

Our roundtable would not be complete without Dr Triebnigg coming from Brazil to discuss a major development: the growing role of the State – heavy-handed regulator, powerful investor, strong influencer - notably in fast growing economies.

The panel will focus on a few major questions:

compared with classical corporations, what advantages and disadvantages result from the alternative – in the business market, in the market for talents, and in financial markets?

what are the lessons to be drawn for classical corporations?

how will the alternative model evolve in the coming years?

how different is your role as compared with the role of your counterpart in a classical corporation?