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Liisa Välikangas

Professor of Innovation Management,
Aalto University School of Business and
Hanken School of Economics 


Liisa Välikangas is Professor of Innovation Management at Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University. She is a Founder and President of Innovation  Democracy, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to supporting innovative  entrepreneurship in countries of importance to world stability. Her research on  innovation, strategy and organizing has been published in Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Wall Street Journal, among other leading journals, and presented to various executive audiences. She is the author of The Resilient  Organization, How Adaptive Cultures Thrive Even When Strategy Fails, McGraw-Hill, 2010. She is in the board of SCANCOR, the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research at Stanford University, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, dedicated to the study of future, freedom of speech and democracy, and Tekes, The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.


Complexity can be harnessed for strategic discovery.
In this session, vanguard companies reflect on their pioneering business models.
We discuss two perspectives:
What do these vanguard strategies imply about the need for discovery and the renewal of strategic thinking? And how do these vanguard companies - business outliers by nature - amplify their presence and impact around the world? The audience is welcome to join the strategic discovery.