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June 2016

Dear Reader
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. While we have kept the content in shorthand form, I should like to share with you a few thoughts in the run-up to this year's Forum. Emerging from conversations with numerous speakers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and academics is broad agreement on the pressing need for companies of all shapes and sizes, and indeed all of society's major organizations and institutions, to develop much greater powers of self-renewal, creative regeneration, and resilience. We need – as Peter Drucker put it – an entrepreneurial society in which "innovation and entrepreneurship are normal, steady and continuous". Growth and prosperity on a broad basis can only be achieved if we succeed in releasing the latent power and energy of human entrepreneurship. This is our secular challenge and opportunity. In this Newsletter we focus on the program outline for the 2016 Forum, speakers and chairs, new blog articles, exciting new books that have been published by members of the Drucker Forum community and – last but not least – the opportunity to register for the Forum up to July 15 under our early bird conditions.

With my regards and good wishes
Richard Straub
President Peter Drucker Society Europe
Program Outline See the new program outline under this link
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It refers to the program abstract you‘ll find here:
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New Speakers &
Chairs on Board
Impressive new speakers joined our list:
Lisa Hershman, Founder and CEO at The DeNovo Group, Robert Grueneis, Member of the Board of Directors bei Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG, Andrew Hill, Associate Editor and Management Editor at Financial Times, Elisabeth Braw, Newsweek‘s Europe Correspondent, George Ngenga, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Strathmore University, Bill Fischer, Professor at IMD Business School in Switzerland, Steve Denning, Author and Independent Management Consulting Professional, Sarah Cliffe, Executive Editor HBR

Previously Announced
Speakers include
Clayton Christensen, Mariana Mazzucato, Tim Brown, Philip Kotler, Hermann Simon, Herminia Ibarra, Alexander Osterwalder and Sally Osberg

The full speakers list is under:
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Registration Registration under Early Bird
Benefit from an early bird discount of 15% when registering before july 15.
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Books New Books from our thought leadership community.
Andrew Hill Thomas H. Davenport, Julia Kirby Lynda Gratton, Andrew Scott
Featured Blog Posts
Magnus Penker "Organizing for Simultaneous Innovation Capability – key findings from + 1,000 companies"
Mark Esposito, Terence Tse* "Policymakers and Entrepreneurial Hubs: This is what can be done"
Henry Mintzberg "Simply Thinking – Judgment and Jack"
Isabella Mader and Wolfgang Müller "Managing the Transition to an Entrepreneurial Society"

|  Roundtable with CHROs Paris, June 27
   with Lynda Gratton at the occasion of the publication of her new book
   The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity -
   invitation only.

|  European Forum Alpbach, September 1
   Peter Drucker Breakfast Club "Fully Connected – Fully Enlightened or
   Fully Enslaved?" with Julia Hobsbawm, Founder of Editorial Intelligence,
   Professor of Networking, Cass Business School and Andrew Keen, author,
   Executive Director, salonFutureCast, Santa Rosa, CA

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|  Names Not Numbers London, June 19 + 20
The True Human
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|  Vision Forum Berlin, September 14 + 15
   Rundumschau zu Innovation und Zukunftsfähigkeit
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|  OnlineEducaBerlin, Nov 30 – Dec 2
   Shaping the Future of Learning
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