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The blog series for the 2015 Forum has been started with a blog by Richard Straub and has contributions posted at the rate of 2 a week.

There are many more to come so check back frequently to see what our speakers and distinguished guest bloggers have to say on this important topic. Don't miss blogs from Henry Mintzberg and J C Spender soon, and one from David Hurst on the Pope's recent encyclical in July. Many more to come in August.


Here is the Blog Series moderator's, Nick Hixson, selection of recent blogs, showing the diversity and thoughtfulness of our posters. Make sure and browse the other posts as well for more insights.
Charles Handy
The Seductions of the Infosphere - an eloquent and thought provoking blog on the challenges faced by humanity in the digital age by the incomparable Chares Handy, in which he explores how technology dissects our actions but should not define us.
Nancy Dixon
Nancy Dixon proposes The Oscillation Principle as way of understanding how remote working can best be affected, together with a tested way of achieving that.
Paul Zak
Following which, Paul Zak asks Why Brains Need People in a discussion on how we need closeness to build trust and how much time together that requires.
Walt McFarland
Walt McFarland reminds us that leading people differently is not about technology in the perceptive and useful Managing People in a Digital Age
Liviu Nedelscu
Liviu Nedelscu in Plenty of Room at the Top, shows a dystopian view of competition between man and machine in tasks that machines can do better, and suggests a different agenda for man.
JC Spender
JC Spender explores Drucker's Knowledge Work & Big Data's Strategic Impact in a reflective and insightful exploration culminating in do facts speak for themselves, and what does it mean for us?
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, has "been stealing from Peter Drucker for nearly 40 years" He shows how the widening circles of Drucker's influence lead us all back to ourselves.
Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo describes how technology may erode low paid work, with consequent impact on growth and creating potential unrest, and asks what public policies exist to address this.

Please find an overview of the Blog Series including the Harvard Business Review stream and other articles featured on the 2015 Drucker Forum Thought Leadership page.

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