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With this newsflash we continue to provide you with key documents and links resulting from the Drucker Forum 2013. For reference please also see the link to our previous News Flash containing the first wave of post-conference material. Access to all conference documentation and conclusions is accessible via a single landing page http://www.druckerforum.org/2013/the-event/post-conference-documentation/

All conference sessions have been recorded and are now part of our Drucker Forum 2013 video library. We have segmented the content so that you can access by speaker and by panel discussion. You will find it under the link in the sequence reflecting the conference program.

As we have included for the first time an arts exhibition in the Drucker Forum (The Oubey Global Encounter Tour) please check out the short video describing Oubey's art. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnFsUK-yl6I

Presentation slides and speeches are collected under this link http://www.druckerforum.org/2013/the-event/presentations-speeches/

Since our previous Flash a number of articles have been published in various print media and blogs. Please find below a selection:
Les Echos - France:
Die Presse - Austria:
Die Furche - Austria:

La pensée de Peter Drucker encore et toujours d'actualité
Drucker Forum - die Komplexität beherrschen
Das Orakel als Wille und Vorstellung

Blogs & Newsletters related to the 2013 Drucker Forum

Hotspots Newsletter - Focus on Complexity

Newsletter on Oubey Global Encounter Tour at Drucker Forum:
Julian Birkinshaw (Forbes Blog):
Esther Clark (Forbes Mexico):
David Hurst:
David Hurst:
Rawn Shah (Forbes Blog):
Oliver Mack:
Richard Martin:
Managing Complexity: The Battle Between Emergence And Entropy

Compleijidad y Compromiso en el Drucker Forum

You cant herd cats but they will hunt together
The map and the Territory: Complexity as a Challenge and Opportuity
Simplifying Future-Work Part 1

A view on Complexity
Networked for Complexity

Please stay tuned - the 3rd post conference News Flash with additional material will be published during the week of December 16.

Your Drucker Forum Team

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