Managing for a sustainable ecosystem
by Stefan Stern

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What should a business leader’s main goal be: keeping an unrelenting focus on the performance of the business (that is to say an internal priority), or looking outwards, maintaining relationships and performing an ambassadorial role (an external priority)? The easy answer would be to say “both”. But in the past few decades, during which the belief that “maximising shareholder value” should be the priority for chief executives, the external world has been a secondary consideration. Business leaders have kept their heads down, sweated the assets, and looked to deliver some market-pleasing numbers every 13 weeks. Drucker Forum 2019 This article is one in the “shape the debate” series relating to the 11th Global Peter Drucker […]

Management – the human dimension
Stefan Stern

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Management, Peter Drucker famously said, is a liberal art. It may be informed by data and enhanced by technology. But it remains an art, not a science, and one practised by people, not machines. Do you want to be managed by an algorithm or a “platform”? Me neither. But, you may object, this is sentimental and out of date. Computer code already influences our lives in all sorts of unseen ways, nudging us into purchasing decisions and co-ordinating our customer experiences. Apps make things happen. They connect passengers with available taxi drivers, or instruct delivery drivers and couriers to bring goods to our offices or our homes. Sophisticated and productive factories and “fulfillment centres” operate […]

Drucker our contemporary
by Stefan Stern

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Economic crisis, political uncertainty, the dangers of extremism: these things haunt us today just as they shaped and influenced Peter Drucker many decades ago. Out of the tumult of the 1930s and 40s emerged the steady voice of the original and best management guru. What would he be saying now?   As the British politician Nye Bevan once asked: “Why look into the crystal ball when you can read the book?” Drucker, of course, left dozens of books for us to study. But in spite of his impressive output we seem to have lost sight of some of his timeless ideas. How many meetings that you attend begin with an agenda and the word “objectives” […]