Make bets not plans
by Dagmar Woyde-Koehler

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Plans define a special relationship between people and the future. Plans attempt to anticipate the future and make life predictable and even controllable. A plan is predicated on both these premises while also awakening expectations that the goals it sets can be achieved and sustained. Such characteristics are shared equally by the business plans made in the corporate sector and the life plans made by individual people. Bets, on the other hand, are clearly recognized as assumptions and suppositions that always include the possibility that something else might happen quite different to what has been predicted. Bets are based on probabilities and possibilities. Someone making a bet is always well aware that they can lose, […]

Best Fitted to Cope with Complexity
by Dagmar Woyde-Koehler

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“What we need today are not tunnel vision thinkers but inquiring free-ranging minds because such minds are best fitted to cope with complexity”. This was one of the key points made by Prof. Peter Kruse in his address at the opening of the Berlin exhibition of the OUBEY Global Encounter Tour in March 2013.   Peter Kruse is well known in Germany for his research into how self-organizing systems and intelligent networks perform and function, and for his perceptive cultural analysis – as well as for his at times provoking and highly controversial ideas. From his own fresh and unfamiliar vantage point, he cast new light on OUBEY and the idiosyncratic maturation process that gave […]