Please note!

Availability of places for the in-person events is limited due to social distancing regulations.

Registrations will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

A livestream will transmit proceedings from the physical auditorium throughout the event.

Selected sessions will feature digital rooms for enhanced interaction with speakers and other participants, facilitated by online moderators.



OCT 28


Location: House of Industry, Schwarzenbergplatz 4


14:00 – 17:30

Dismantling Bureaucracy, Activating Leaders
A high-energy, high-impact seminar and workshop with Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini
In cooperation with Management Innovation eXchange (MIX)                                                        

18:00 – 20:30Drucker Forum Speakers Reception





OCT 29


Location: Hofburg Palace


9:00 – 17:30Main conference

Opening and closing plenaries

  • Has Leadership Failed us? Expectations versus Reality
  • Stepping Up to a Crisis of Leadership

Deep Dives on Big Questions

  • What Do Twenty-First-Century Leaders Do? The Rising Need for Integrators and Synthesizers
  • The Future of Work Will Be Different: Where Will Leadership Play a Role?
  • Did Drucker Get it Right about Leaders? Reassessing the Gap between Leading and Managing
  • Governance, Stewardship, Leadership, and Followership: Navigating the Elements of Influence and Decision Making
  • Are Leaders Born or Made? New Evidence on a Classic Question
  • Who Comes to the Fore in a Crisis?
  • Strong Leadership When It Is Needed Most
  • Getting Beyond Lip Service: Translating Shared Values into Virtuous Action
17:30 – 19:30Networking Reception
19:30 – 20:00Drucker Challenge Awards Ceremony
20:00 – 21:30Celebrating the Impact and Influence of Clayton Christensen – towards a world of opportunity and growth
In cooperation with the Christensen Institute and the Christensen Family



OCT 30


Location: Hofburg Palace


09:00 – 15:00

Practical Solutions to a Leadership Deficit – deep dives

  • Guided by Wisdom or Driven by Data? Decision-Making that Strikes the Balance
  • When Culture is the Problem: Understanding the Levers of Deep Organizational Change
  • Tech Adoption in the Top Ranks: The Cognitive Toolkit Transforming the Work of Leaders
  • Disruptive Threats to the “Leadership Industry“
  • “In Praise of Hierarchy” Revisited: The Curious Persistence of a Much-Hated Model
  • As Enterprises “Go Agile,” Should Leadership Too?
  • Embracing New Ways of Working in the Public Sector
  • Motivator in Chief: How Great Leaders Energize and Mobilize Others
15:00 – 16:30

Closing Session

  • Grand Finale: More Needed than Ever: Leadership to Shape Tomorrow’s World