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Global Peter Drucker Forum
29/30 November 2018 and pre-conference 28 November, Vienna
21/22 November 2019 and pre-conference 20 November, Vienna

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The Forum in 55 seconds or in under 3 minutes

2 days, lots of inspiring moments and images in two short synopsis videos. If you click the YouTube logo on the bottom you can view them full screen on YouTube. Happy if you choose to share them with your contacts and friends!



Photo Gallery of the 2018 Drucker Forum

You may access all photos for the pre-conference, the speakers reception, the first day including the Gala Dinner and the second day here.

If high resolution photos are needed for professional purposes please send a request to the conference office under this email.



Video Library of the 2018 Drucker Forum

We are happy to provide you access to the video library of the Forum under this link.



All presentations are available for download (for personal use only). On the program page the names underscored have a presentation.


Selected ARTICLES and PODCASTS published on the Forum 2018

Please review and comment - it is a good way to engage. The authors will react to interesting comments

FT Work & Career Podcasts by Andrew Hill

A shared vocabulary is essential for innovation
by Andrew Hill, in: The Financial Times

A Big Turnaround In Management Thinking: New Leadership Competencies For VUCA
by Sunnie Giles, in: Forbes

How The Drucker Forum's Management Transformation Message Resonated
by Steve Denning, in: Forbes

Browse a selection of more articles here


Blog Series on LinkedIn Pulse

We have a “fireworks” of blogs related to the Forum theme. You'll find them on LinkedIn with the hashtag #GPDF18.

Here's a few examples:
What Do Thought Leaders Think? by Dave Ulrich

The New Imperative: Creating Value For Society, Not Just Shareholders by Anne Bahr Thompson

Lessons I Learned from Peter Drucker by Marshall Goldsmith

Communityship Beyond Leadership by Henry Mintzberg

Make Space for Humans by Esther Clark

Drucker Forum 2018: 5 Lessons for the Managers of Tomorrow by Alex Adamopoulos

Fixing Today's Economy is about Humans, not Technology by Nicolas Colin

A series of articles appeared on LinkedIn after the Forum with references to various panels and speakers. Find a selection here 


Quotes from the Forum

We started a collection of quotes – supported by your nominations. Find the first of the series here 

Youtube Link: Quotes Collection #1

Will be updated on a regular basis. More info to follow.

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