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Platzhalter Speakers
Niclas Carlsson

Founder and CEO,
Founders Alliance


Niclas Carlsson is founder, CEO and owner of Founders Alliance, a non-profit organization established in 2002. It is a forum comprised of 600 of Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs in diverse areas of business, collaborating to create greater companies and a better society through increased entrepreneurship. Together they currently own 3000 of Sweden’s high-growth companies, employing 0.5 million people with a turnover of 100 Billion Euro. In this role he has created an organization that offers expertise to the challenges of growth and development at the owner level in a wide range of categories i.e. internationalization, leadership, digitalization, business models, branding, ownership & financing as well as sales. He sees himself as being a catalyst for entrepreneurship in Sweden by actively supporting and involving leading policy makers, academic leaders. His vision is to make Sweden a vibrant and strong entrepreneurial nation with the passionate belief that entrepreneurs are an important natural resource, generating the kind of desirable development that makes for a sustainable and egalitarian society, no matter what background, ethnicity, gender or age.
Mr Carlsson is the initiator and publisher of the Entrepreneurs Book, biographical portraits of entrepreneurs that can serve as educational material in schools and colleges for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He also published the Entrepreneurs Barometer Sweden, a compendium of opinions and challenges faced by Sweden’s 8000 high-growth entrepreneurs. It has been an influential reference since 2002 for policy makers, service providers and entrepreneurs in their task to create a better entrepreneurial climate in Sweden.
In 2015 Niclas Carlsson organised the 1st Entrepreneurs World Summit. The objective is to establish an arena for influential, international entrepreneurs, working to create more successful companies and a better world through increased entrepreneurship in collaboration with organizations outside Sweden similar to Founders Alliance.
Between 1998-2002 he founded and built e-chron AB. A company that served as a catalyst in Europe for internet and digital entrepreneurship including e-challenge, focusing on business competition and developmental processes. It maintained a partnership with leading venture capitalists, global digital leaders and large corporations such as CNN, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, also functioning as an investment arm for Nordic digital businesses. This was later reformed and became Founders Alliance.
Mr Carlsson holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Uppsala University, but also studied at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and Heinrich Heine University in Germany.
Niclas Carlsson is also an endurance athlete having completed ultramarathons, adventure races and he is a father of three young children. He is active as a youth trainer in orienteering and cross-country skiing.