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Platzhalter Speakers
Ali Rushdan Tariq

Design Lead, Manulife RED Lab,
Drucker Challenge Winner


Currently, I'm a designer at Manulife RED Lab, an innovation outpost for a Fortune 500 financial services enterprise. With a background in startups and large corporations, I've grown fascinated by the role of individuals and organizations in driving positive change.

I'm interested in tackling problems that lie in the messy intersection of technology, business, and the human condition. Being a designer grants me the ability to craft solutions that are a blend of art and science, and I find that very energizing.

I'm driven by a combination of restlessness with the status quo and a pursuit of meaningful change that positively impacts human experiences.

I believe the world's most wicked problems can be solved with nuanced perspective, deep empathy, systems-thinking, a pursuit for excellence, optimism, patience, and a healthy dose of good humour.

I also have a soft spot for all narratives cerebral, daring, and bittersweet.