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Ashok Krish

Head of Social Media & Workplace Reimagination practice,
TCS Digital Enterprise


After having worked with Fortune 500 clients on several large IT projects as a solution architect
(a job profile that one eventually reaches when a tech company does not want you to write code), I now head the Social Media & Workplace Reimagination practice for TCS Digital Enterprise, a role that involves shaping the future of our customer's workplaces by leveraging Digital forces such as social, mobile, big data, cloud and AI. I specifically specialize in the "Human cloud", which describes the architecture of social technologies and their interplay between people and technology. Crowdsourcing, Gamification and Task-based social workplaces are among the newer things I advice customers on and have built great products in this space as well.

As a lifelong technology geek, I am a strong believer in technology's ability to solve any problem, provided that the problem itself can be well articulated, which is why I don't pitch technology to clients. I pitch ideas and reimagined processes. The technology to enable them will follow naturally and quite easily.

In my earlier role at TCS, I have played the role of architecting TCS' own transformation of its workplace technologies for its 300,000 employees into a social workplace, gamified processes and mobile apps for productivity.

That of course, is my livelihood. My life, on the other hand is what's coming now:

I am an open source enthusiast, a classical violinist and a guitarist, an amateur cellist, columnist for various newspapers, and used to be a Radio Jockey with Chennai Live 104.8.

I am a serious musician over the weekends where I compose, remix, sing and play the violin, guitar, keyboard and Cello here - soundcloud.com/krishashok and soundcloud.com/parodesynoise

I mix pop culture, science fiction, indian traditions and humour on my personal blog here - krishashok.me

Specialties: Digital Reimgination, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management, Innovation and Creativity, Hobbies