The LIVE Stream will start on November 17 & 18 according to the conference program (please note that the LIVE Stream is provided in English and Chinese - you can change the language directly in the player).

The LIVE Stream package fee is € 200,00 excl. VAT (€ 240 incl. VAT).
The package includes:

  • Access to the LIVE Stream and the Retransmission
  • 6 month access to the complete audio and video library of the 2016 Drucker Forum
  • Access to the direct messaging system for questions and comments during sessions
  • Access to the closed LinkedIn group for participants including downloadable participants list

All plenaries and the parallel sessions 1 and 6, that are taking place in the Jesuit Hall, will be broadcasted!

The full retransmission of the live stream will be provided with 10 hour delay to accommodate North and South American time zones. After a successful registration you can access it via separate link (please note that the retransmission is provided in English and Chinese too - you can change the language directly in the player).

Before you register

Please check if your device and your link speed fulfils our requirements.

  • Link speed (down) at least 2 Mbit/s
  • Supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9 or higher 
    • Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 or higher (flash enabled)
    • Google Chrome 53 or higher
    • Safari 10.0 or higher
  • Mobile devices (with inbuild browser)
    • Apple: IOS 8 or higher
    • Android: Version 4.2 or higher
    • Windowsphone: Version 10 or higher

Below you find a teststream.


If you get the following error code "Error loading player: No playable sources found", it is very likely that you are running firefox without flash installed. Please try another above mentioned browser or install flash.

Test Stream